2013 Volunteer Positions

Curtis Invite 2013

Descriptions of Responsibilities for Volunteers

Please arrive at the Chambers Properties Central Meadow by 8:15 am (unless listed below as earlier) to receive instructions and enjoy some complimentary bagels, juice, etc.

1--Report to Ben Mangrum when you arrive
2--Report to Michelle Jacobsen when you arrive
3--Report to Dino Basil when you arrive

Meet Director (Ben Mangrum) –arrive at 5:30 am (when the gates open), oversee everything and make sure everything is happening

Starter (Bill Harter-1)—give athletes 10 minute warning before each race, call athletes to starting line 4 minutes before each race, arrange athletes to have two people at front, give race instructions using megaphone, answer questions about course, start race with starting gun/starting sensors for FinishLynx system, communicate via walkie-talkie about progress of previous race to estimate start time of next race

Results Camera Operator (Rob Whitacre--1)—operate finish line clock, process results, communicate with computer attendants about results and updated athlete numbers.

Computer Attendant/Scoring Table (John Austin-1, Ross Parker-1)—Enter new athletes into Hytek system (such as from open race), enter in places of athletes into computer for each race (using race numbers listed on recording sheets), download times of each race from NK stopwatch, merge times with places, print race results for each race, post results on results board when available using blue tape.
**depending on the outcome of Rob Whitacre's timing system, we may not need to process the results on site from the stopwatches and the race tags, since it would be a backup system.  If so, we would need one person to update new athlete numbers (mostly for community race) and the other person to assist Rob in whatever way he would need**

Announcer/DJ(Steve Pielak-1)—announce important information to crowd/athletes, comment about teams and individuals before/during/after race, announce race results during awards ceremony, communicate with Mile Mark Clock Operator and Starter via walkie-talkie about race progress at mile mark, play music during races, but not at start of races (to announce leaders, etc).

Mile Mark Clock Operator(Nicolas Basil--1)—start clock at beginning of each race via walkie talkie communication with Golf Cart Driver, communicate with Starter via walkie-talkie about progress of final runner in each race

Head Logistics Official (Michelle Jacobsen-1): arrive at 6:45 am, oversee meet logistics, including registration table, volunteer/coach food area, course setup and supervision during races, awards ceremony

Registration Table (Laurel Hogan-2, Rachel Shry-2)—arrive at 7:15 am, greet coaches as they arrive and give them team packets, extra pins or course maps (if necessary), information about course, check with them about payment of registration fees and write down their status on the paid teams list, oversee signup of open race entrants (use sign-up sheets, write down bib number, periodically bring to computer attendants for entry into computer), collect payments from coaches or donations from open athletes in a cash box

Food Table Attendant (Annie Jacot--2)--arrive at 7:45 am, organize and staff the food table for volunteers and coaches

Food Vendor Coordinator (Amanda Garrett--2)--communicate with food vendors as they arrive and assist with setup and other related issues.

Bus Parking Attendant (Ken Panitz-2): arrive at 6:45 am, wear orange vest (we have some for you) or something easily visible. Greet team buses as they arrive at entrance to golf course (next to the roundabout), instruct them to drop off students in lot below but return to CHS Auxiliary Parking Lot. Allow team vans through to the lower parking lot.  Allow cars through to park in the lower lot until it has been determined that the lower lot is full (when communicating with Lower Lot Parking Attendant).  Redirect cars to street parking or to Chambers Primary Parking Lot for Shuttle Bus using the given maps with directions (except for CHS students and meet volunteers with meet parking passes and those with handicap passes). Direct pedestrian spectators to the shuttle stop (identified with a sign) at the crosswalk just past the gates that head down to the central meadow.

Chambers Primary Parking Attendant--Darren Wenz/Jason Bosh/Dean Kelly--2): Arrive at 7:15 am, greet spectators as they arrive at Chambers Primary School, inform of the system of shuttling every 5-10 minutes to/from the lower parking lot in the Central Meadow, direct them to the shuttle stop (identified by a sign), call Ben Mangrum if any issues/problems develop.

Lower Lot Parking Attendant (Jim Garrett--2, David Spencer-2): Arrive at 7 am, direct team buses as they arrive and give them instructions to drive to Chambers Primary School to park on the road just outside of the school (team vans can park in the lower parking lot), greet spectators as they arrive at lower parking lot in shuttle bus, organize spectator line/groups as they prepare to leave the lower parking lot for Chambers Primary, keep middle section of front row of parking stalls clear for t-shirt vendor sales area, and keep parking spaces in the turn-around circle clear so buses can clear the turns.  Restrict vehicles entering the caddy lot (gravel lot behind restrooms) to those with parking passes.  Instruct coaches as they arrive to set up team tents along the south edge of the central meadow, away from the congestion of the finish line.

Course Marshals (Kenya Shakoor, Dominique Woodley--2---at major intersection in center of main field, Yvonne Shevalier, Becky James--2---near bathrooms where course crosses paved trail, Loren Betteridge, Merlene Betteridge--2--just inside driving range where runners enter/exit)—monitor course at strategic locations, direct athletes towards correct pathways during race, prevent spectator traffic from blocking runners during the race

Head Finish Line Official (Dino Basil-1): arrive at 6:45 am, oversee and instruct all finish line volunteers, coordinate results with scoring table attendants, man the front of the chute to switch from first to second chute when first chute gets backed up (or delegate to another available person).

Time Recorder (Terry Rice-3, Swede Johnson--3)—visit start line during start of race to start watches (both NK watches) at beginning of each race, record times of each participant as they cross the finish line, use a third/fourth stopwatch (with assistance from line judge) to time and record results for slower athletes at end of each race while main stopwatches start the next race.

Index Cards (Rich Langsford--3)—hand out index cards with race place for each participant as they walk through the finish chute, instruct athletes to give card to their coach as backup results, hand out top finisher's ribbons for open race (top 5 males, top 5 females, no index cards)

Line Judges (Alan Gill-3, Kurt Shevalier--3)—make instant decisions about close finishers in each race as they cross the finish line, encourage athletes to stay in order and keep moving in the finish chute. Aid time recorders by managing the extra stopwatch for slow runners at end of races after they have taken the watch to download, direct the switching of chutes when first/second/third chutes back up.  Make sure to stay out of view of cameras (area will be marked as "Do Not Cross" line) capturing finishing runners.

Chute Escorts (Doug Wohlers--3, Dan Kaiser--3, Dave Howard--3, Elena Howard--3, Pat Garlock--3)—physically move athletes through finish chute if they slow down, make sure they stay in finishing order, stand in for athletes and hold tag to give tag tearer if athlete cannot walk through chute on own.

Water Attendants (Erin Gorospe-3, Jose Gorospe-3)—hand out water to athletes as they leave the finish line area, refill cups with water as needed, refill water jugs when empty using a spigot from the restrooms and hose (see Terry Rice for a key?)

Place Recorder (formerly known as Tag Tearer/Collector) (Annie Fitzsimmons--3, Heather Yuckert--3, Linzee Langsford--3, LaRene Garlock--3)—two people pair up with one person reading the numbers of athletes aloud as they exit the chute while the other person writes down the numbers on the recording sheet, give recording sheets to runner to bring to scoring table for entry into computer.  Other two people work together to group up athletes into groups of 5 as they approach the end of the chute, have them all face the same direction, and take a digital picture of the group.  Continue with all athletes in the race, taking photos of 5 athletes at a time.  We need at least one person to volunteer to bring a camera with ample storage space on their memory card (will probably take about 300 pictures throughout the meet).

Runner (Ruth Yamashita-3)— Deliver completed recording sheets (with numbers or team name of finishers in order) to results tent during/after each race for entry into computer, assist with chute escorts when busy. Help with other needs of finish line as necessary.

Golf Cart Driver (Matthew Cancio, Benny Langsford-3)—help drive golf cart during races (possibly direct the lead group of runners in each race through the course), be available to transport injured runners to athletic trainer or deliver loads of meet supplies during the meet, communicate with Mile Mark Clock Operator and Starter via walkie-talkie to notify Mile Mark Clock Operator what moment each race starts so they can start the clock