Volunteer Assignments

Curtis Invite 2008
Descriptions of Responsibilities for Volunteers

*each blank space represents an open position that needs to be filled!

Please arrive at Titlow Park by 8 am to receive instructions and enjoy some complimentary bagels, juice, etc.

Meet Director
(Ben Mangrum) -oversee everything and make sure everything is happening

Starter (Jerry Ley)—give athletes 10 minute warning before each race, call athletes to starting line 4 minutes before each race, give race instructions, answer questions about course, start race with starting gun

Computer Attendant/Scoring Table (John Austin, Bob Caldwell)—Enter new athletes into Hytek system (such as from open race), enter in places of athletes into computer for each race (using race numbers), download times of each race from NK stopwatch, merge times with places, print race results for each race

Announcer(Don McClellan)—announce important information to crowd/athletes, comment about teams and individuals before/during/after race, announce race results during awards ceremony, communicate with Geoff Weatherbie via walkie-talkie about race progress at mile mark

Head Logistics Official (Sherida Bird): oversee meet logistics, including registration table, volunteer/coach food area, course setup and supervision during races, awards ceremony

Registration Table (Duncan Foley, Julie Squires)—greet coaches as they arrive and give them team packets, pins, information about course, check with them about payment of registration fees, oversee signup of open race entrants

Course Marshals (Emi Parker—road/trail intersection, John Sniezek—bottom of hill near meadow, Ralph Squires—far side of lake at turn near pool, Geoff Weatherbie—turn before mile mark with walkie-talkie, Gretchen Hayes—bottom of road by TOA)—monitor course at strategic locations, direct athletes towards correct pathways during race, stop vehicle traffic at major intersections during race

Head Finish Line Official (Keith Parker): oversee and instruct all finish line volunteers, coordinate results with scoring table attendants

Time Recorder (Terry Rice, Davis Rogers)—record times of each participant as they cross the finish line, bring stopwatch up to results booth after each race to download times before next race begins, use a second stopwatch to time and record results for slower athletes at end of each race while main stopwatch downloads times in booth, run finish line clock.

Index Cards (Leslie Foley)—hand out index cards with race place for each participant as they walk through the finish chute, instruct athletes to give card to their coach as backup results

Line Judge (Dylan Moye)—make instant decisions about close finishers in each race as they cross the finish line, encourage athletes to stay in order and keep moving in the finish chute.

Chute Escorts (Kevin Hayes, Guy Reim)—physically move athletes through finish chute if they slow down, make sure they stay in finishing order, stand in for athletes and hold tag to give tag tearer if athlete cannot walk through chute on own.

Water Attendants (Anne Bauer, DeeAnn Potasky)—hand out water to athletes as they leave the finish line area, refill cups with water as needed

Tag Tearer/Collector (Kathaleen McClary, Joann Knecht)—tear tags from athlete numbers as they come to the end of the finish chute, put tags on tag holders to keep correct order of finishers, give to runner to bring to scoring table for entry into computer. Alternate between tag holders when significant numbers of finishers leave finish chute (to speed up entry of results into computer)

Camera operator (Andrew Austin)—videotape start and finish of each race, especially focusing on finish line to ensure accuracy of results of each race.

Runner (Tom Treleven)—carry tag holders (with tags of finishers in order) to results tent during/after each race for entry into computer, assist with chute escorts when busy.

Mile Mark Time Reader (Dale Harper)—start watch at beginning of each race, jog to mile mark and read times to athletes as they go by.